We use an exclusive Organic Hard Wax that is specifically formatted to provide effective hair removal while leaving your skin silky smooth with minimal irritation.  Our wax is created by combining all natural planted-based ingredients with specially designed elastomers which ensure elasticity resulting in a more comfortable waxing experience.


Our Distinct Advantages 

- Contains Cotton Seed Oil, a natural anti-oxidant and source of vitamin E, that encourages skin healing.

- Made up of Aloe Vera Leaf, a superpower plant with rejuvenating, soothing and medicinal properties.

- Retains moisture allowing the skin to remain hydrated.

- Remains subtle and flexible without becoming brittle. This allows multiple strips to be applied at once resulting in a more efficient, timely service.

- Heated at a low degree, resembling normal body temperature. Leaving you free to go about your day with no discomfort.

- Perfect for the most sensitive skin. Including the face, underarms, and intimate areas for men and women.