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  • Our Distinct Advantages 

    - Contains Cotton Seed Oil, a natural anti-oxidant and source of vitamin E, that encourages skin healing.

    - Made up of Aloe Vera Leaf, a superpower plant with rejuvenating, soothing and medicinal properties.

    - Retains moisture allowing the skin to remain hydrated.

    - Remains subtle and flexible without becoming brittle. This allows multiple strips to be applied at once resulting in a more efficient, timely service.

    - Surrounds individual hair strand removing hair from the root leaving follicle hair free for up to 3 weeks.

    - Hardens around only the hair shaft, bypassing the epidermis, making it gentle enough to be reapplied in the same area.  Thus, ensuring no hair is left behind.

    - Heated at a low degree, resembling normal body temperature.  Leaving you free to go about your day with no discomfort.

    - Perfect for the most sensitive skin.  Including the face, underarms, and intimate areas for men and women.